Pawsome Purrsons

The Cats of Purrwood thank you all wholeheartedly for your contribution to their Sanctuary!

  • Bob V.
  • Steven G.
  • Sue C.
  • Julie S.
  • Russ B.
  • Tanya T.
  • Dr. Jo H.
  • Edna D.
  • Tonia L.
  • Kay M.
  • Mary Ann N.
  • Amber S.
  • Karen M.
  • Seema M.
  • Sue B.
  • Brandi H.
  • Elizabeth L.
  • Craig & Noelle G.
  • LeAnne S.
  • Mandy N.
  • Trina P.
  • Cherry W.
  • Al G.
  • Joy M.
  • Nicole J.
  • Francis F.
  • Lynda C.
  • Cheryl C.
  • Michelle O.


BAV – Braveheart Animal Volunteers

Several of our residents have been Fosters for BAV and they have assisted us with quite a few spay/neuters as well as medications. They have also donated several bags of food as well as some kennel supplies. We are very grateful to this amazing organization for helping us get started and for inspiring us to continue.

Barn Cats Incorporated

In April 2018 Barn Cats, Inc. helped us get our Senior Center set up! They provided a beautiful building outfitted especially for cats along with supplemental solar power to help offset the expense of having an additional building. The Senior Center houses many cats from Barn Cats, Inc. that they were unable to place in outdoor barn homes due to their ages, health or behavioral issues. While we feed and care for the ex-barn cats, Barn Cats, Inc. continues to cover veterinary expenses for them. We are very grateful to this amazing organization for giving us the chance to work with their amazing senior kitties while providing us additional space in our sanctuary.

Please let us know if you would like us to use just your initials. Unlike our 4-legged residents the website administrator doesn’t have sharp claws and won’t bite 😉

Simply contact us with your request.