Our Mission

It is Our Mission to help cats that have been “condemned to death” because they are not considered “adoptable” by other shelters. So many healthy cats get euthanized simply because no one wants them and a shelter has “run out of space”. We believe that no cat deserves to die.

Not all cats want to be lap cats. Not all cats want to be snuggled to death by a 4 year old child or co-exist in a house full of dogs. Not all cats can handle being trapped inside some little apartment on the 4th floor. Not all cats want to sit in grandma’s lap while she crochets yet another ugly sweater that they’ll be forced to wear.

Some cats just want to live out their lives without being harassed by humans. They want to run in the grass, play in the fields, bathe in the sun, maybe snuggle with humans on THEIR TERMS and just be free to be a cat. (I mean think about it… we humans ARE kinda creepy, all skin- no fur, no whiskers… we don’t even have tails and can’t even clean our own bums without fancy paper! Walking around on two legs covered in weird fabric to hide our creepy unfurred bodies… Come on.. if YOU were a cat would you snuggle you?)

It’s not their fault they don’t conform to our human standards and they don’t deserve to die for wanting to just be a cat.

While we WANT to save every cat in the world that needs saving, we know that we can’t. While we would love to take in every cat that needs a new home, we simply can’t. We are 100% dependent on donations from the public to care for our cats. Our cats need food, litter, veterinary care, etc… Please do not use as a dumping ground or place to temporarily stash your cats and expect us to find a new home for them. If your cat is adoptable, FIND SOMEONE to adopt him/her and let us use our limited funds to help cats who are FACING CERTAIN DEATH instead. We are a lifetime care facility and in order to provide that lifetime care we need to be selective about how many cats we bring in. We are not a “shelter” or adoption facility, there are no “temporary cats” here. We are a LIFETIME SANCTUARY for cats that have run out of time and options and just have no where left to go.