Meet The CatsOfPurrwood

Purrwood Forest is currently home to 38+ wonderful cats known as The #CatsOfPurrwood (The + is because some are strays that come and go and we do not count them as “regulars”) As we gain new residents we will list them here. All cats listed have been fixed (unless otherwise noted). Yes, I know I need to add the cats from the senior center! working on it! 🙂
Additionally, all outdoor cats have access to a dry and heated shelter (via kitty window in rain proof workshop with multiple heated cat houses, lots of beds and a double barrel wood stove that runs 24/7 all winter) running clean water fountains and even cooling fans in the summer. We also have several dog houses and other shelters available. We are in the middle of nowhere on nearly 7 partially wooded acres off a low traffic dirt road guarded by 2 kitty loving Great Pyrenees dogs.
If you would like to Sponsor A Kitty please click on their image to go to their purrsonal page. <COMING SOON along with more pics & sponsor options>
Please note: unless collecting for a specific emergency, all donations received go to our “general fund” which is used to cover all expenses for the cats including food, litter, flea control, vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc… Rest assured… EVERYTHING you donate goes DIRECTLY to caring for the cats. ALWAYS.

The #CatsOfPurrwood in order of their arrival are (UPDATED LIST COMING SOON):

  • Missy (aka Miss Kitty) #MissyOfPurrwood – Rescued from craigslist ad. She was being kept in a tiny laundry room closet because “boyfriend” was allergic.
  • Monster #MonsterOfPurrwood – At approximately 1 week old he was found half dead on the side of the road and nursed back to health. REFUSES to be a house cat, we’ve tried, and lives happily on the front porch instead (he has his own heat lamp and heated kitty house in the winter and plenty of dry shelter on rainy days). He’s got 7 acres to explore and you will NEVER see him more than 20 feet away from the house. Doesn’t like people and only lets me pet him. Runs under the house if anyone else is around. LOVES our Great Pyrenees and follows them everywhere (as long as they stay within his preferred range) and I often find him sleeping wherever they are.
    Monster of Purrwood Forest
  • Xerox (aka Mr. Z, Z Rock, Kitty Z) #XeroxOfPurrwood – Rescued from craigslist ad. Overcrowding situation with disabled human adults incapable of caring for themselves let alone the cats. Caretaker was simply overwhelmed.
  • Pixie (aka Mama Pix) #PixieOfPurrwood – Found in a parking lot half starved. Later busted out of the house and got her self pregnant the day before her spay appointment… Go figure. We think Snickerdoodle the Stay is the culprit. She’s fixed now (so is he and all their kittens). Pixie and her kittens all live happily in the house now and Pixie has expressed no interest in getting back out the door, though she does love to spend time in the sunny spots in the catio on the front porch.
  • Snickerdoodle #SnickerdoodleOfPurrwood – Showed up on the porch one day yelled in my face, headbutted me, asked for breakfast and moved in with Monster.
  • Amy (aka Meemer) #AmyOfPurrwood – rescued by the Barn Cats, Inc. organization and rehomed to Purrwood. Found in bad section of highway overpasses in downtown Dallas with many other feral cats that were trapped and rehomed.
    Amy of Purrwood Forest
  • Annabelle #AnnabelleOfPurrwood – rescued by the Barn Cats, Inc. organization and rehomed to Purrwood. Found in bad section of highway overpasses in downtown Dallas with many other feral cats that were trapped and rehomed.
  • Fluffy (aka The Fluffster, Senior Fluff) #FluffyOfPurrwood – rescued by the Barn Cats, Inc. organization and rehomed to Purrwood. Senior kitty left behind in an apartment when owners moved away without him.
    Fluffy of Purrwood Forest
  • Lucy #LucyOfPurrwood – rescued by the Barn Cats, Inc. organization and rehomed to Purrwood. Senior kitty left behind in an apartment when owners moved away without her.
  • Maize (aka Clawlinka) #MaizeOfPurrwood – rescued by the Barn Cats, Inc. organization and rehomed to Purrwood. Found in bad section of highway overpasses in downtown Dallas with many other feral cats that were trapped and rehomed.
  • Monroe (aka Buford) #MonroeOfPurrwood – rescued by the Barn Cats, Inc. organization and rehomed to Purrwood.
    Monroe of Purrwood Forest
  • Tinker (aka Tink Tink, Tinky Dink, Wrestlemania) #TinkerOfPurrwood – adopted from Collin County Animal Shelter with his brother Merlin.
  • Merlin (aka Mer, Mermer) #MerlinOfPurrwood – adopted from Collin County Animal Shelter with his brother Tinker.
  • Salem (aka SaySay) #SalemOfPurrwood – born at Purrwood (Mama Pix)
  • Onyx #OnyxOfPurrwood – born at Purrwood (Mama Pix)
  • Mystic (aka Mystic Sister, Little Sister)#MysticOfPurrwood – born at Purrwood (Mama Pix)
    Mystic of Purrwood Forest
  • Lucky (aka Mr. Sweets) #LuckyOfPurrwood – Senior kitty found in the streets, turned in to Bonham shelter, then brought to Purrwood. Extremely malnourished and half-blind. Pretty much a sack of bones when we got him. Major dental problems and a bad thyroid. Had trouble eating wet food and dry food was *almost* out of the question. Needed help with grooming, especially around his eye. After several roller coaster months of medication and check ups, gaining, losing, re-gaining and re-losing weight, Lucky decided it was time to go to sleep and died quietly during the night.
  • Jinx #JinxOfPurrwood – Only with us 1 day.  🙁 A woman had been “caring” for him for many months while neglecting a badly injured leg. By the time we heard his story and got a hold of him the OPEN wound was STILL bleeding and, after months of not being treated, badly infected. The leg needed to be amputated but because he was very sick (FIV, FeLV positive) and weak from blood loss and being malnourished it was decided that it would be kinder to let him go. Our vet was concerned about him not recovering from the amputation and that it would just prolong his suffering.
  • Mama Cali #CaliOfPurrwood – We took her and her six 8-week old kittens in from a woman who rescued her from somewhere else but was unable to go near her because she ended up being HIGHLY allergic and absolutely could not touch them without getting a horrible rash. 🙁 EXCELLENT Mama cat. Took in a stray kitten in addition to her own 6 littles and did a WONDERFUL job with all of them. (I helped out with extra kitten milk for everyone so as not to overwhelm her)
  • Feisty (aka Spicey) #FeistyOfPurrwood – One of Mama Cali’s kittens.
  • Tiger #TigerOfPurrwood – One of Mama Cali’s kittens.
  • Dusty (aka Duster, Dusters, Dustbuster) #DustyOfPurrwood – One of Mama Cali’s kittens.
  • Little Red (aka Red Kitty) #LittleRedOfPurrwood – One of Mama Cali’s kittens.
  • Butterball (aka Butterfluff, Fluffernutter) #ButterballOfPurrwood – One of Mama Cali’s kittens.
  • Tabby (aka Tabster, Tabista, Tabitha, Jelly Butterface …. you can thank my six year old for that one) #TabbyOfPurrwood – One of Mama Cali’s kittens.
  • Ninja Seven (aka Seven of Nine, Seven, Ninja) #NinjaOfPurrwood – While Mama Cali was still nursing her littles, this fella found himself stuck up a tree in our one and only neighbor’s yard. Thinking it was one of our kitties they walked him over here (he followed them like a puppy!) and this is where he stayed. Mama Cali, after a brief hissy fit, took him in as one of her own and nursed him, too. We’re pretty sure, since he’s a black cat <insert scary music here> and we’re in the middle of nowhere that he got dumped. Arrived 6-5-15
  • Sebastian #SebastianOfPurrwood – A Siamese Barn Cat. Yup… this poor fella had an attitude problem that kept him in Collin County Animal Shelter for months with no sign of ever getting adopted. Nobody wanted his cranky little butt so when we heard about him we said bring him on over! He’s not the friendliest of critters, but if you’re lucky you can sneak in a petting or two while he’s got his mouth full at the dinner table. He’s pretty scarce and sticks to the woods so we don’t see him much. Ah well… better than him living his life in a little metal cage or getting put to sleep because of being unfriendly.
  • Lily (aka Lily Pad, Lily Belle, Princess Lilypus the Sillypus, Pad Pad) #LilyOfPurrwood – arrived at Purrwood on 9-5-15 after sitting in a high risk shelter for way too many weeks. For the life of me I can NOT figure out why this girl didn’t get adopted. She is THE SNUGGLEBUG of snuggle bugs. Super well behaved. Not one mess. Not even a hairball. Minds her claw manners and loves to cuddle. The PURRFECT cat. Seriously.
  • Nickle (aka Nickle Pickle) #NickleOfPurrwood – Injured young boy that showed up on the porch for breakfast with Monster one morning. Totally terrified of everything but me and Monster. Took him for antibiotics for a back wound (most likely a dog bite). All healed up but still terrified as all heck. Will let us all pet him, but will NOT be picked up and trembles something awful. He comes and goes, but mostly always shows up at dinner time. He gets along with a handful of the barn kitties now and loves to sleep in a plastic kiddie pool that we have stored in the barn rafters. Working on raising funds to get him fixed.
  • Shadow #ShadowOfPurrwood – Went out to the porch to feed Monster one night and this little black boy materialized out of the shadows (hence the name) and yelled at me until I gave him some of Monster’s food. Stuck around and waited for me to get more for both of them and was quite happy with getting snuggled. He is *almost* always around, though of course he disappeared when I needed to take him for his neuter during Spay Days. Little brat. LOL  Still could use funds for his spay, as I don’t know when the next Spay Day is and he and Nickle are not too happy with each other both being intact males and all.
  • Tommy (aka TomTom) #TommyOfPurrwood – Tommy and his siblings, Lacey (originally Linda) & Tucker (originally Homie), along with two other siblings, were surrendered to the county shelter after 9 years of living with their human family. We do not know WHY they were surrendered, only that they were. In the shelter, Tommy was too scared to be adopted out so he was placed in the barn cat program. Because of his age, we were contacted by one of the shelter volunteers who thought we would be the perfect fit for him so here he is! He is doing very well and has taken over our barn/shop like he’s lived here all his life. He is extremely snugly, though he occasionally lashes out if he’s sleepy. Almost as if he falls asleep and wakes up confused and ready to fight. Once he’s fully awake he’s back to snuggle bug status again as if nothing happened.
  • Lacey #LaceyOfPurrwood – Lacey, Tommy & Tucker’s sister, is a 9 year old sack of snuggle. She and her brother, Tucker, had actually been adopted together out of the shelter only to be returned again by their second family. We were contacted once again by the county shelter volunteer to see if we could reunite them with their brother, Tommy, as they were not doing well back at the shelter and would not have a good chance at being adopted to a 3rd family. While more or less okay with being pet, Lacey & Tucker were obviously very scared, Tucker being worse off and trying to tuck as far into corners as possible (hence the name we gave him). Lacey has the sweetest little meow and loves to snuggle, but she unfortunately gets a bit overzealous with her “love bites”, which we’re pretty sure is why her second family brought them back to the shelter. My husband and I are very used to all different attitudes from cats, so it does’t phase us, but I can see how her spontaneous aggression could easily scare most people off. Luckily it’s a rare thing and she kisses more than she bites, and I’m pretty sure the habit is fading. She just needs time, love and understanding.
  • Tucker #TuckerOfPurrwood – Tucker, Lacey & Tommy’s brother, is a very shy boy. He is okay with being pet, and will even purr, once you get to him, but he spent most of his beginning days tucked as far back into his kennel as he possibly could get even if it meant hiding and sleeping in the litter pan. My guess is that is why he ended up back in the shelter with his sister. While Tommy & Lacey both enjoy being lap kitties, Tucker does not want to be held and will settle for light petting while his feet are still on the ground (or seat of the go-kart, which seems to be his spot now). All three siblings are very scrawny and very bony and we have a feeling they were fed a lot of people food in their earlier days as they all go absolutely nuts anytime we have anything to eat or drink near them. We are hoping a good diet will help them out a bit. They are also very matted, so we’ve been working on them as best as they’ll allow with a brush.  All three are beautiful semi-long haired cats and we can’t wait to see how well they’ll do with some TLC. As far as the other 2 siblings (names unknown) from this group of 5… last we heard was that they were doing well with the family that adopted them.
  • The Seniors
  • The Brother’s Three
  • The Fourth Brother