About Us

UPDATES COMING SOON – Visit our FB page for the latest info as I have not had time to update this website…

About Purrwood Forest … We just started our Sanctuary in March 2015. We incorporated on March 5th and received our 501(c)(3) nonprofit Letter of Determination from the IRS a few weeks later.

We are working out of our home, so we don’t have the sanctuary address listed publicly right now, though we do have a PO Box for donations listed on our “How You Can Help” page and a “drop box” for larger items at one of our local feed stores as well. We are located in Collin County, Texas (north of Dallas) on almost 7 partially wooded acres (hence the “Forest”). As of November 2018 we have 40 cats and kittens in our care. Our goal is to provide a NO KILL, cage free, LIFETIME home for “Death Row” cats (for example “ferals” that end up on “kill lists” at other shelters because they’re not “snugly lap cats” like most adopters want). Please note that in MOST circumstances we do not accept owner surrenders. If your cat is NOT at risk of being put to death please find an alternate re-homing option. We are primarily an OUTDOOR sanctuary. Most of our kitties are “barn cats”, though we do have quite a few indoor “lap cats” as well.

We don’t intend on bouncing the cats around to different homes, once they make it here, we intend to let them live out their lives in the peace and safety of the sanctuary. We currently just have one heated shelter (my husband’s barn/workshop/garage) but we are in the process of building another building (so husband can have his space back) and want to add another. We NEED a fence. We have two Great Pyrenees dogs that are amazing at keeping predators away (we also have chickens, ducks, geese) and the cats that live here now don’t wander, but if we’re going to bring in more cats we need to be able to contain them, so a fence is a HUGE priority right now.

In addition to running Purrwood Forest I am also a work-at-home mom, homeschooling an almost 10 year old boy, so our website is still a work in progress. I have a “to-do list” a mile long and hopefully I’ve got everything on it! Thank you so much for supporting the wayward cats of Purrwood!